Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Jianxi and surroundings

Right in the heart of this lovely city lies the Jianxi Pavilion. That's one of the most beautiful places in Guiyang and one of the tourist magnets of the city. The area consists of the pavilion, a tea house, a traditional restaurant, a lovely bridge, a cafe and the river of course. Worth a visit is the surrounding area with the many trees, paths, old buildings, nice little shops, a primary school that is famous across China for calligraphy, many little markets and food places. From here you can walk along the river on both sides and either do yoga or dance with the locals on one of the terraces. 

Gate to the area. 
View to the right
closer view to the right. That's the Minority house with Mao's statue in front of it. Directly opposite is People's Square.
Jianxi Pavilion

Inside. Artist on top floor.

Ground floor

Restaurant from the outside
Parts of the tea house

The surroundings

One of the many government buildings
Jianxi Pavilion again

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